Wednesday, January 6, 2010

at last

it's been awhile and the posting of this pattern is long overdue...

Not another bulky Beret pattern a.k.a.

The 75 meter bulky beret or the 82 yard chunky tam

By: Madelaine Pippa Bartlett

Materials: 82 yards/75 meters bulky to super-bulky weight yarn (this amount does not include yardage for gauge swatch)

Set of 4 US #6/4mm DPNs

Set of 4 US #10.5/6.5mm DPNs

Optional but recommended: elastic thread ***

Size: to fit an average ladies head (20-22 inches around)

for larger heads: go up a needle size for 2x2 ribbing

for smaller heads: CO. 68 and increase 4 stitches during Row 5 as follows; R5:*K17, m1; rep from *.

Gauge: 12-14 sts. & 16 rows = 4’’/10cm of St. st. on 6.5 mm needles

(change needle size to accommodate gauge)

Pattern: Co 72 st. on US #6/4mm DPNs

Join, being careful not to twist.

(optional-include elastic thread when knitting first 4 rows)

K2, P2 ribbing for 4 rows

switch to 6.5mm DPNs

R5: Knit to end

R6: *K18, m1; rep from *. (76)

R7: Knit to end

R8: K9, m1, *k19, m1; rep from * 2 more times, k10. (80)

R9: Knit to end

R10: *K20, m1; rep from *. (84)

Next 10 rows: Knit.

begin decreases

R21: *K10, k2tog; rep from *. (77)

R22: Knit to end

R23: *K9, k2tog; rep from *. (70)

R24: Knit to end

R25: *K8, k2tog; rep from *. (63)

R26: Knit to end

R27: *K7, k2tog; rep from *. (56)

R28: Knit to end

R29: *K6, k2tog; rep from *. (49)

R30: Knit to end

R31: *K5, k2tog; rep from *. (42)

R32: *K4, k2tog; rep from *. (35)

R33: *K3, k2tog; rep from *. (28)

R34: *K2, k2tog; rep from *. (21)

R35: *K1, k2tog; rep from *. (14)

R36: *K2tog; rep from *. (7)

R37: K2tog, k3tog, k2tog. (3)

i-cord for three rows.

*Omit i-cord if making garter stitch medallion version or adding pompom.

For garter stitch medallion, purl rows 31, 33, 35, & 37 (ex. R31: *P5, p2tog; rep from *.).


pull yarn tightly through remaining stitches. Weave in all loose ends. Block lightly over a dinner plate.

To make a pom pom:

***Elastic thread: If unavailable at your LYS, try looking in the sewing section of your local craft/hobby shop or non-unionized mega department store, it is sometimes referred to as smocking thread. You Can also use elastic thread for beading or from bait shops in a pinch, or purchase online:


  1. love that beret.
    strange html tags appear on the text of your post.

  2. I wanted to try this pattern because it is a very pretty hat.